Can Your Local Customers Find You?

Google recently reported that more than 43% of searches have “local intent”. That means a Google searcher was looking for a business, restaurant, activity or landmark in their local area.? The percentage is even higher for searches conducted on a mobile device.

Google Built a FREE “Website” for Your Business. Really.

All the major search engines have taken steps to make sure that local businesses have an opportunity to display important information on their businesses in the search results.? Google went so far as to “create” websites for millions of businesses with their business name, address and phone number.? Business owners can locate and “claim” these listings and then build them out with additional details that will make their businesses easier to find in a search.

Claiming Your Listing is Only the Beginning

Don’t think you’re done after you’ve claimed your listing.? There are more than 200 pages of best practices for creating and optimizing your listings so they will rank on the first page of Google search results.

Let the Experts Handle that for You

We can claim your listing for you and optimize it to give it the best shot of appearing on the first page of Google for your primary search terms.? Sure, you can do it yourself and many people do.? However, there are currently more than 200 pages of “Best Practices” when creating and optimizing your business listing on Google+. We have successfully optimized many listings in highly competitive markets. Let us handle yours.

Videos Can Bring You Traffic Too!

You would be surprised what a short video can do for your rankings and your traffic.? We surprise clients all the time with the results these little gems can produce.? Here’s how it’s done:

1.??? Create a short video
2.??? Create a YouTube channel for your business
3.??? Optimize your channel for search
4.??? Upload your video
5.??? Optimize the settings on the video for search
6.??? Create some backlinks to your video

It’s pretty much that simple. Of course there are some tricks and tips and a little “secret sauce”, but that information is reserved for clients.? Sorry.