PPC Marketing: The Right Traffic. Right Now.

There are some significant advantages to using a Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic generation model for your business.


When you have a professionally created and optimized Google Adwords campaign:

  • You can have traffic to your site almost immediately
  • You can generate leads or sales from your ad campaign
  • You can have a presence on the first page of Google for nearly any keyword that relates to your business
  • It’s a great addition to your SEO or Social Media program
  • Some of our clients fill their entire business sales pipelines from PPC traffic

Experience is an Expensive Teacher

The truth is that PPC programs like Google Adwords are complex and liberally sprinkled with money-sucking pitfalls.? If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing you could find yourself wasting a big chunk of change pretty quickly.

We’re Google Certified!

Becoming certified in Google Adwords is no small thing.? You have to know more than 800 pages of study materials and take a minimum of two, 2-hour exams–we’ve taken and passed the basic exam, plus the 5 specialist exams. That’s hours and hours of study and exam taking–not to mention actual hands-on experience. Whew! ?Certification must be updated annually.? This means we’re up to date on all the latest changes and enhancements to Google Adwords so you can take advantage of the power to reach 89% of all internet users.

While we have clients across the world and have run Google Adwords campaigns in many countries, we want our neighbors in Utah to know that we are the ONLY fully certified Google Adwords Partners in the entire Cache Valley. So, if you own a business in our beautiful valley and need some digital marketing magic, give us a call!



We’ve Managed Over $1.9 Million in Spending

We’ve been down the road before.? We manage Google Adwords spending for our clients every day.? Day after day.? Year after year.? Our clients have spent well over $1.9 million on Google Adwords clicks.? We have developed a proprietary method of campaign structuring which allows us to:

  • Reduce your cost per click by an average of 23%
  • Increase your click-through by an average of 53%
  • Increase your conversions by an average of 233%
  • Reduce your cost per conversion by an average of 54%

Let us take a no-obligation look at your Google Adwords campaigns and see what we can do to save you money and increase your business. It’s quick and easy, and it’s FREE,

Get a Free ROI Evaluation

If you’re new to Google Adwords, we can prepare an ROI evaluation for you that will predict what you can expect from a Google Adwords campaign.? You’ll know before you ever get started whether or not it will make sense for your business.