Real SEO for Real Businesses

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is simple to define, but difficult to achieve.

Simply put, it’s the strategy designed to make your website so appealing to the search engines that they rank your site highly (on the first page at least) for the keywords that drive the most traffic to your business.

Yes, that’s a mouthful, but it’s also a handful. SEO is a constantly moving target. Search engines—especially Google—are constantly changing their algorithms. That means the way they rank your site one day may be completely different the next.? What worked last year, does not work today.? Yesterday’s tactics may even hurt your site today.

91% of Clients Have Google Page #1 Rankings

You have to always be on top of the game.? You have to stay updated.? You have to adapt and make changes on the fly—without ever skipping a beat.? That’s what we do for our clients.? Everyday.

So far this year, our average client Google ranking improvement has been more than 279 places!? So many of them started out nearly invisible and now—page one!? Here are some examples:


Fully Customized and Tailored SEO Process

We don’t put every client on the same SEO program.? Think your SEO needs might be a little different than someone running an alligator farm?? We think so too.? That’s why every client receives a completely customized evaluation and recommendation for an SEO program specifically matched to their needs and their market.

We realize this is more difficult for us. It’s harder to do.? It also produces better results.? Isn’t that what you’re after?? That’s what we thought.